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Great Pond Algae Bloom Probable Soon if Nothing is Done

Colby Chemistry Professor Whitney King has evaluated data gathered from the Belgrade Lakes over the past forty years and has concluded that “At this point it is probable that Great Pond will see algae blooms in the next decade.”

Increased levels of phosphorus have made all of the seven Belgrade lakes susceptible to algae blooms and, once lakes become vulnerable, they can “tip” quite suddenly. “What’s going to happen,” King explained, “It will look good for a while, maybe even a few years, and then suddenly it’s going to go green as the lake ‘blooms.’”

With decisive action now we can preserve the quality of our lakes. If we wait, it will be too late. “I worry at times that we are a little hesitant to raise the alarm and the risk is that ten years from now people will be saying the lake bloomed and nobody told us,” said King.

Why do North Pond and East Pond look so different?  To hear Colby Professor Whitney King explain the science of our lakes, watch the video below.