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MLRC Partner Highlight: The Belgrade Lakes Association

Photo by Logan Parker.

Formed in 1908, the Belgrade Lakes Association (BLA) is, by their best estimates, the oldest lake association in the State of Maine. Water quality programs continue to form the heart of the BLA’s mission. Working toward that mission of protect and improve the watershed, this active lake association lead the campaign that brought public docks to the Belgrade Lakes village (Docks to Doorways) and played a major role in the creation of the Maine Lakes Resource Center. The BLA is also responsible for the Stop Milfoil campaign and operates the LakeSmart program on Great and Long Pond.

The Belgrade Lakes Association continues its 100+ year tradition of preserving Great Pond and Long Pond by bringing renowned water quality expert, Dr. Ken Wagner, Ph.D., CLM, Water Resource Services, Inc. to the MLRC at 6 p.m. on January 29, 2015 where he will present  “Oxygenation and inactivation for control of nutrients and algae in Great and Long Ponds”.  Though Dr. Wagner will specifically focus on Great and Long Ponds, his talk will touch upon water quality issues throughout the entire Belgrade Lakes Watershed.  All are welcome to come and hear what Dr. Wagner has to say about how we can work together to preserve our beautiful lakes.

For more information, call the Maine Lakes Resource Center at .