Late Fall Update from the MLRC Lake Science Manager

-Brenda Fekete, Lake Science Manager

Although we have been enjoying a beautiful and unseasonably warm fall, it is time to call it a season and bring in the boats. A big thank you to the volunteers that braved the colder fall weather. We could not have finished our sampling efforts without you!

Very bittersweet… the colder temperatures required lots of layered clothing, but the beautiful fall colors and lake wildlife that was enjoyed while sampling will be greatly missed!

MLRC Research Assistant, Anne Schechner, collects sediment from the bottom of Messalonskee Lake.

MLRC Research Assistant, Anne Schechner, collects a sediment sample from the bottom of Messalonskee Lake.

Although a few of the deeper sites have still not experienced fall turnover, we have collected our final water profile, grab sample, and secchi reading from each of the ten sampling sites. We have also finished the sediment sampling on all of the seven lakes. Back at Colby, we continue to analyze the water and sediment samples.

Goldie was removed from Great Pond on October 20th. She was scrubbed clean and is now on display in the MLRC gallery for the winter season. Visit Goldie’s website to find a summary of the data that Colby’s bright-yellow research buoy collected this year, from May through October.

Another place to find the water profile data collected from May through November is here on the MLRC website under the Water Quality Initiative menu. I have recently posted the final data set for each of the seven lakes. I have displayed the data in a fall season profile to make the progression towards lake turnover easier to see. The Interactive map also displays the most recent data for each of the sampling sites.

The FlowCam will remain in the MLRC water lab and will continue to be used for phytoplankton analysis by the WQI team and several Colby Capstone students. Feel free to stop in and look at the awesome pictures if you happen to be in the gallery while we are working!

It was great seeing new and familiar faces at the October Water Quality Assessment Meeting. The next Water Quality Community Meeting is scheduled for January 13th at 6pm at the MLRC. The Colby Capstone students will be presenting their exciting lake data on December 6 at 1pm in the MLRC gallery. Hope to see you then!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season from the Belgrade Lakes. Bring on the snow!