MLRC Hosts Nature Photography Reception

Written by Logan Parker, MLRC Community Engagement Coordinator

This week the Maine Lakes Resource Center celebrated the opening of its exhibit “Nature Photographers of the Belgrade Lakes” by hosting a public reception. This gathering was attended by town officials, members of the community, and the nature photographers themselves. Stories of where and when magnificent birds or stunning sunsets were captured were shared with a crowd who gathered around a flatscreen displaying an array of nature shots.


Kayaker on Long Pond. Photo by Peter Agnes Jr.

The creation of this photography exhibit is an example of the MLRC’s efforts to raise awareness of the value of the lakes, not just through research, but through various mediums, such as art. Using a multi-pronged approach, the MLRC seeks to reach and engage the widest audience.


Sandhill Cranes with Their Colt. Photo by Dr. Alexander Wall.

To quote MLRC Program Director, Kathi Wall, “this photography show is a the result of several of our citizens documenting some of the “whys” we need to protect what we have. [The Belgrade Lakes] are an eco-destination for frazzled city-dwellers and elderly who wish to come and hike, bird-watch, cross country ski, and generally enjoy the slower pace of life”. In a welcoming address to the reception’s attendees, Kathi (who is a 40-year resident of Belgrade) remarked about the bounty of wildlife, scenic landscapes, and recreation opportunities that are just minutes from her doorstep. The consensus of the night was that these qualities are worth celebrating and protecting for the future.

The exhibit will remain on display at the Maine Lakes Resource Center until March 1st. The MLRC extends our gratitude for all of the participating artists and photographers.


Bald Eagle Flying West. Photo by Logan Parker.