Water Quality Update – February 2018

– Logan Parker, Assistant Lake Science Manager

While it’s too early to call it an early spring, we seem to be seeing winter loosen its grip on the Belgrade Lakes in recent weeks. The birds are beginning to sing, the snow is rapidly melting, and the outlets of streams are ever widening the areas of open water on each lake. As winter moves towards its close, we’re reflecting on all the work completed during the coldest months and thinking ahead about what needs to be done in the warmer ones.

 25353404677_6f495fc35b_kEarlier this month, Brenda, Logan, and Nathan trekked out to the water quality monitoring sites normally accessed by boat to collect winter profiles of each lake. We were grateful to be joined by Nathan, who took many turns hauling the gear and using his YCC connections to get us launch sites closer to the deep hole. Thanks, too, to all those that let us park at your home or camp.

 We also have been busy working to button-up the gloeotrichia database. Brenda compiled all the data available from 2005 to 2017 into one spreadsheet with assistance from Logan. Logan worked on nailing down the coordinates for each observation site and getting them onto ArcGIS for future use. Just yesterday he spent some time scrubbing algae off the HOBO sensors to prepare them for launching again this season. Are you interested in joining our volunteer gloeotrichia monitoring program? We are looking for more volunteers for this upcoming season and would love to have you onboard!

In midst of running samples at Colby and prepping the water quality program for 2018, Brenda and Logan have also been busy prepping the Courtesy Boat Inspector (CBI) Program for its 2018 season. We’ve been meeting with volunteers, Maine DEP, and others to discuss how to improve the program. Brenda has been working out the budget while Logan focuses on recruitment. If you or another you know is interested, we are beginning to fill CBI positions for this season. Click here for more information!