Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events at the Maine Lakes Resource Center

Fall 2014

Fall Gallery Hours:

Monday - Thursday & Saturday

10 - 2 o'clock

Closed Friday and Sunday

September 17th  -  A lecture on the "Changing Nature of the Maine Woods" will be presented by Dr. Drew Barton of the University of Maine at Farmington. The lecture is sponsored by the Belgrade Historical Society and will be begin a 7:30 pm in the MLRC Gallery.

October 11th  -  The MLRC will participate in the Belgrade Lakes annual "Harvest Festival" beginning at 10 o'clock. The MLRC will have local art and conservation information on display. Additionally, there will be a short lecture on Maine's bats and bat conservation at 11 o'clock.

October 16th thru November 11th -  MaineGeneral Health's Healthy Living Resource Center will be hosting a workshop - "Journaling for the Health of It" - at the MLRC Annex. Journaling can help us explore our life's journey from new perspectives, even the difficult ones, and find peace with our choices. It can be moving, fun, revealing, and have direct health benefits. In this workshop series, you will explore journaling as a tool in healthy living. No prior writing experience is required. The event will be comprised of four sessions (Oct. 16, Oct 23, Nov 6, and Nov 13) and will be $20/person.

October 30th  -  MaineGeneral Health's Healthy Living Resource Center will be hosting "Smoothie Time" at the MLRC Annex. Learn how to make smoothies and juices with awesome new recipes, and all the best tips and tricks to add tasty fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. These smoothies and juices will pack a super-nutrient punch that your taste buds will love and your body will thank you for. The event begins at 5:30 and is $10/person.

The staff at the MLRC are pleased to announce the the opening of the MLRC Annex- an interactive learning center for sciences and the arts. This new satellite center (attached to the Belgrade Lakes Post Office) is a site for hands-on learning. The Annex will offer a number of learning experiences and art classes throughout the season. Come by for a visit and see what this exciting, new venture is all about.

The MLRC would like to thank all of our visitors who stopped in to the Center and who joined us for all of our events throughout the summer. 

Throughout the summer, the Spring Gallery will be displaying at the MLRC - large and small environmental sculptures from the Modern Art Foundry in NYC as well as artisan jewelry from silversmiths. Come and view bronze acorns, pine-cones, even snails, and other mementos of Maine.

There will be a variety of artists and craftspeople at the MLRC throughout the summer ... stay tuned using the Belgrade Summertime newspaper and this website for weekly updates. 

Please call 207-495-3617 for inquiries and updates!

Our partner agencies, the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance (BRCA), the Belgrade Lakes Association (BLA), and Maine Lakes Society (MLS) continue to offer their usual information and newsletters on their websites and at the Center. 

Check out the video Colby student, Nick Kondiles '13 made: "Reviving Affection: Sense of Place in the Belgrade Lakes." Very neat!

 Late Season Happenings

When summer winds down, the MLRC is entering into a fall series of events. During this time of year, the center will be witness to various and sundry meetings, leaf peeper hikes, Octoberfest, Halloween, weddings, and art shows. 

Did you know that the resource center is available to rent for private events? 
If interested, please contact MLRC executive director, Kathi Wall, for more info. 

 Wedding Preparations

Outdoor weddings....simple, elegant, and a beautiful sense of place.

The transformative quality of the MLRC. It is the perfect "blank canvas" for any event.

Please call the MLRC for gallery hours. 

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Our partners, BLA, BRCA, COLA are here Monday - Friday in the upstairs offices.

Painting by Matthew Russ

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