Colby College

The Maine Lakes Resource Center (MLRC) serves as a research laboratory, field station, conference space, and teaching resource for the Environmental Science Programs of Colby College in the Belgrade Lakes region. The Environmental Science programs provide research and teaching resources in support of the MLRC mission through the National Science Foundation funded Sustainable Science project, part of a statewide sustainability science initiative. A multidisciplinary team of Colby faculty representing the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geology, and the Environmental Studies and Science, Technology, and Society Programs work through the MRLC to engage citizens, lake associations, the Department of Environmental Protection, and others in studying and protecting local lakes. Colby also provides a cadre of environmental interns who work throughout the academic year and during the summer to help support MRLC projects. The interns gain valuable practical experience as they work to promote sustainable lake practices. Students learn about the interplay of environmental research to understand lake problems and the importance of educating the citizens to shape policy and sustainable lake practices.

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