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Signs of Spring in the Belgrade Lakes

Though Winter isn’t relinquishing its hold without a fight, there are signs of Spring all throughout the Belgrade Lakes Region. The sunny mornings are full of bird songs, the mouths of streams are ever expanding, and migratory waterfowl are moving northward. Just yesterday, a turkey vulture was spotted soaring in the direction of Kennebec Highlands, where they often roost on the craggy face of French Mountain.

Just as the coming of Spring brings about great changes to the region, the MLRC is undergoing a seasonal transition as well. As the ice recedes, we move all the closer to our buzzing spring and summer seasons. This year promises to be one of the busiest seasons yet as we embark on the water quality initiative and prepare our most robust schedule of community events yet.

The staff of the Maine Lakes Resource Center wishes you all a happy first day of Spring!

Meet Logan Parker, MLRC Community Engagement Coordinator

The MLRC is pleased to announce that Logan Parker has been promoted to the position of Community Engagement Coordinator. Logan will be responsible for the daily operations of the MLRC and the management of the MLRC’s web activities. Logan will also be charged with event logistics, outreach activities, building management, and will be out collecting water quality data on the Belgrade Lakes this spring.

Logan has worked at the Maine Lakes Resource Center since May 2013 when he was hired as a seasonal, environmental docent. When the summer ended and the other interns headed back to school, Logan was asked to stay on part-time as an educator. Over the last year and a half, Logan has worked on increasing the MLRC’s social media following, taught natural history lessons in area schools, and created this very website!

Logan is thrilled to be given the opportunity to work for the MLRC full-time and has many plans to engage the community, in and out of the center, over the next year. This summer he will educate MLRC visitors about the water quality research underway in the Belgrade Lakes and will spend some time documenting the conservation efforts made by the MLRC and its partners throughout the watershed.

When off the clock, Logan spends most of his time photographing wildlife, birding, kayaking, and hiking, and hopes to start gardening this year. He is a member of Maine Audubon and the LakeSmart Coordinator for the Belgrade Lakes Association.

Stop in at the MLRC gallery to meet Logan and learn about all that’s happening at MLRC this year!

[email protected]

Here’s a sample of Logan’s photography over this last year:

MLRC Partner Highlight: The Belgrade Lakes Association

Formed in 1908, the Belgrade Lakes Association (BLA) is, by their best estimates, the oldest lake association in the State of Maine. Water quality programs continue to form the heart of the BLA’s mission. Working toward that mission of protect and improve the watershed, this active lake association lead the campaign that brought public docks to the Belgrade Lakes village (Docks to Doorways) and played a major role in the creation of the Maine Lakes Resource Center. The BLA is also responsible for the Stop Milfoil campaign and operates the LakeSmart program on Great and Long Pond.

The Belgrade Lakes Association continues its 100+ year tradition of preserving Great Pond and Long Pond by bringing renowned water quality expert, Dr. Ken Wagner, Ph.D., CLM, Water Resource Services, Inc. to the MLRC at 6 p.m. on January 29, 2015 where he will present  “Oxygenation and inactivation for control of nutrients and algae in Great and Long Ponds”.  Though Dr. Wagner will specifically focus on Great and Long Ponds, his talk will touch upon water quality issues throughout the entire Belgrade Lakes Watershed.  All are welcome to come and hear what Dr. Wagner has to say about how we can work together to preserve our beautiful lakes.

For more information, call the Maine Lakes Resource Center at .