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The Maine Lakes Resource Center

The Maine Lakes Resource Center (MLRC) is a new kind of conservation organization. It does not run conservation programs itself; rather it facilitates and promotes the programs of our conservation partners. The Resource Center, a 4,000 square-foot “green” building in the center of Belgrade Lakes village, provides a highly visible platform from which to promote conservation. Specifically, the Resource Center provides our conservation partners with meeting and exhibit space, volunteers, technical assistance, and, most importantly, an audience of summer and year-round residents. The MLRC runs a full schedule of popular cultural and entertainment events which draw residents to the Resource Center where they are exposed to the programs of our conservation partners. Programs for students, the next generation of property owners, are also an integral part of the Resource Center’s mission.

During its open hours, the MLRC offers visitors with access to free WiFi and a quiet study space all throughout the year.