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Upcoming Events

The MLRC runs a full schedule of popular cultural and entertainment events which draw residents to the Resource Center where they are exposed to the programs of our conservation partners. From music festivals by the stream to natural history programs complete with live birds of prey, the MLRC offers a wide variety of programing for the visiting public. From June to September, the MLRC hosts the Belgrade Lakes Market on its grounds every Sunday, from 8 to 1 o’clock. Listed below are some of our upcoming events for this year:


July 1st – Maine’s Huts & Trails presented by Charlie Woodworth, Executive Director of Maine Huts & Trails. Charlie will discuss his experience leading the nonprofit which offers rentable, “boutique hostels” and aims to create 180 mile network of backcountry trails from the White Mountains to Moosehead Lake. “Charlie’s long involvement in conservation includes serving on the Baxter State Park Advisory Board and volunteering for the Royal River Conservation Trust. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast with particular interests in Nordic skiing, hiking, paddling and cycling”. 6 o’clock at the MLRC.

July 4th – Village-wide Fourth of July celebration in the Belgrade Lakes Village. A small town celebration from sunrise to well into the evening. Music, wide variety of local foods, kids games, boat parades, concluded with a fireworks display over Long Pond.

July 8th – “A Bee’s Eye View on Climate Change” presented by Matthew Scott and sponsored by the Maine Lakes Society. 6 o’clock.

July 10th – Ellen Tipper concert. Maine Singer/Songwriter Ellen Tipper will perform an evening show at the MLRC.  7:00 o’clock.

Part of the Seven Lakes Concert Series.

July 14th – “Vernal Pools” presented by Chewonki and sponsored by the BLA. Let’s dive deep into these shallow waters to take a closer look at the seasonal nature of a vernal pool and the impact it has on amphibian and invertebrate life cycles. Participants will learn that these species rich spring pools help support food chains for a variety of animals living in adjacent ecosystems. We will develop an understanding of how so many cycles can be supported by a wetland that holds water for only a few short months. 2 to 3 o’clock.

July 15th – “Birding in the Belgrade Lakes” presented by Louis Bevier, Colby College Biology Research Associate. Bevier, an expert birder will present a lecture on birding techniques and birding in the Belgrade Lakes Region. He will then lead a birding expedition on the following Saturday. 6:30 – 8:00.

July 16th – New England Music Camp classical concert. The NEMC will again bring a group of talented student musicians from around the globe to play a second suite of classical music in the MLRC gallery. The show begins at 3 o’clock.

Part of the Seven Lakes Concert Series.

July 16th – “Belgrade’s Early Houses” presented by Les Fossel and sponsored by the Belgrade Historical Society. 7:30.

July 18th – “Birding Expedition” lead by expert birder, Louis Bevier. Join us as we explore birding hotspots in the Belgrade Lakes Region. All experience levels welcome and we strongly encourage you to bring along a pair of binoculars. Location to be determined. 9 o’clock.

July 21th – Chewonki brings the “Bugmobile” to the MLRC. Is a bug an insect? Is a spider a bug? Chewonki’s “Bugmobile” transports the world of arthropods—insects and their relatives—into the classroom. Using models, costumes, and live specimens, we explain the unique characteristics of four major groups of arthropods. Our live “bug” species will introduce you to some of the fascinating adaptations essential for survival, such as mimicry, camouflage, armor, and the use of venom. Sponsored by the BLA. 2 to 3 o’clock.

July 22nd, August 3rd,10th, and 12th – Drums Alive. In this 4-class series, discover the drummer in you!  Drums Alive combines movement with the powerful beat and rhythms of drumming for an amazing brain and body workout! It is a program for everyone. Come and experience the joy of music, movement, and rhythm and feel like a rock star! You will be glad you did!

Presented by the MaineGeneral Healthy Living Resource Center.

July 24th – The Gawler Family and Friends will play an evening concert at the MLRC to benefit the Resource Center and its conservation efforts. Tickets will be $10 in advance and $12 at the door. The show begins at 7 o’clock.

Part of the Seven Lakes Concert Series.

July 29th – Water Quality Community Meeting to update the public on the progress of the Water Quality Steering Committee. This event begins at 6 o’clock at the MLRC.

July 31st – Le Professeur CD Release Party at the MLRC. 7 o’clock.


barred owl

August 4th – “Owls of Maine” presented by Chewonki. Three live owls are the highlights of this program, which introduces participants to the owls native to Maine and New England. Beginning with slides and sounds, participants will learn the identifying characteristics and calls of each owl.  Then, using talons, wings, and skulls, we explore the adaptations of these silent nocturnal hunters. This program ends with an intimate and detailed look at live owls, bringing these creatures of the night into the light! 2 to 3 o’clock.

August 7 – Kate Schrock w/ Glen DaCosta. Maine pianist and songwriter, Kate Schrock will perform at the MLRC accompanied by saxophonist Glen DaCosta of Bob Marley and the Wailers fame. Tickets are $15 and will be available at the door. 7 o’clock.

Part of the Seven Lakes Concert Series.

August 11th – “Biomes: Connecting Climate with Geography” presented by Chewonki and sponsored by the BLA. From forests to deserts, and grasslands to our oceans, we will explore different biomes of our planet. Our focus is on three of the major biomes: rain forests, deserts and forests. A closer look at the flora and fauna will reveal the adaptations necessary to thrive within these unique areas. Our lesson uses slides, real specimens, and three live non-releasable animals to discuss some of the specific species that call these special places home. 2 to 3 o’clock.

August 12th – VLMP, Advanced Plant ID Workshop:  Hone your identification skills with live specimens. Bring plants from your favorite lake, pond, or stream to identify and share with others. Previous exposure to plant identification is helpful, but not required. This workshop is free, but  pre-registration required!  Please contact Toni Pied at  or  to pre-register. Sponsored by the BRCA. 8:30 to 4:30.

August 13th – “Like Father, Like Sons: The Burbank Family in the Revolutionary War” presented by Linda Snow McLoon and sponsored by the Belgrade Historical Society. 7:30.

August 20th – Uncovering the History of Smithfield presented by Smithfield historian and MLRC board member, Melvin Croft. Mel will discuss his work exploring and chronicling the history of Smithfield, Maine. Mel and colleague, Richard Witham recently published a book “The Making of Smithfield: The Early 1800s” with the Smithfield Maine Historical Society. 6 to 8 o’clock.


August 21st – Jud Caswell concert. Folk singer and sound engineer, Jud Caswell will perform an evening concert at the MLRC. Tickets are $10 and will be available for purchase at the door. 7 o’clock.

Part of the Seven Lakes Concert Series.

August 26th – Water Quality Community Meeting to update the public on the progress of the Water Quality Steering Committee. This event begins at 6 o’clock at the MLRC.


September 6th – Final Belgrade Lakes Market of the season.

September 19th – “Antiques and Antique Appraisals” presented by Daniel Buck Soules, former appraiser for the Antiques Roadshow. Mr. Soules will be available to appraise items at the MLRC by appointment from 9 o’clock to noon. Call ahead to schedule an appointment. Each appointment is 10 minutes long and will be $10. Proceeds will benefit the Belgrade Historical Society. Mr. Soules will return to the MLRC to discuss is career in art and antique appraisal at 6:30.

Sponsored by the Belgrade Historical Society.


October 10th – Harvest Fest in the Belgrade Lakes Village. Early October is one of the best times to visit the Belgrade Lakes region and take part in our annual Harvest Festival festivities. With the crisp, cool air and the beginning of fall foliage, Belgrade Lakes shows off its magnificent colors around the lakes. Our Harvest Festival offers many activities to enjoy the weekend with hay rides, arts and crafts for the kids and many of the local eateries and restaurants featuring fall specialties. Live music is also provided in the village. Come join us for a classic Maine event. 10 to 3 o’clock.

October 14th – Water Quality Community Meeting to update the public on the progress of the Water Quality Steering Committee. 6 o’clock.

Our programming is free of charge unless specified otherwise. Donations to promote the continuation of our programs are always accepted and appreciated.